Cabin Rentals

We have seven cabins for rent, as well as two dorms which sleep 100 in bunks. We also have space for tents. Those in dorms or tents have access to the group bathrooms, with hot showers. Each cabin is slightly different. For photos and pricing, click on the cabin number to the left under Cabin Rentals for the cabin you wish to see.

Go camping with a roof over your head. Enjoy the stars...then a bed.
Camp in the Sequoia Camp, lodge at one of our cabins.

Minutes away from Sequoia National Forest, our grounds offer many options: 8 Cabins to choose from for the comforts of indoors at night with great views of the landscape. We off camping under the stars in our tent area. Bring your RV or camper - we have spaces for you. We also have 2 Dorms with total of 104 bed/bunk accomodations & recreational and kitchen facilities to serve school or church camps.

Interior photo of cabin in Sequoia

Fully furnished cabins.

Sequoia National Forest Tenting space is available.

Tenting space $15 per night.

2 Dorms Available, Dorm 1 sleeps 44, Dorm 2 has bunks for 60

2 Dorms Available.